4FANZ-DBP Benchmark Performance Nights

1. This is a challenging format invented by 4FANZ™ to bring the best out of fearless performers who are super confident about their ability to select the right song and do justice to the same.

2. In this format, admin selects some challenging songs. More than one singer can pick same solo or duets. They also can sing a duet with up to two duet partners to experiment, how their duet sounds with two different partners.

3. Neither this is a competetion nor there will be a judge. If you have open mind you could ask feedback from other singers. The important factor is to appreciate your courage to participate in this event and learn from strength of each other.

4. This will give you an idea about future selection of solos and duets.

5. These are not our regular events. At this moment this is extended to a very limited set of singers. The plan is to keep up to 4 events in a year.

6. This is an Invite Only event. If you are invited to this - this is only for you. Please do not forward this to anyone.

7. Once you RSVP - you will be invited to a WhatsApp Group where you can plan your solo or duets.

Event# Benchmark Song Link Event Date RSVP Promotor Location
I RSVP 15-MAY-2022 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM Invitation Only 4FANZ Wylie, TX, USA