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Seeing is Believing - The typical DJs who are usually level1 or level2 singers can not match our top class Bollywood Performers.

You sign a contract with 4FANZ for your once in a life time events like Weddings, Mehandi, 25th Wedding Anniversary and Bigger events.

4FANZ® is a Highly Trusted Global Entertainment Brand where top class performers do local concerts at Local restaurents and stages. Keep looking for our scheduled monthly events. You can bring your cake to our event and celebrate with us.

4FANZ® We go with 10 or more powerful performers who spend lot of hours in practicing their assigned songs.

4FANZ®For special occasions, you can available the service of our Lyricists and Music Composers to pick the right theme where you can feature yourself with family and friends. A first of its kind service that is include din our ultimate package a $1000 Value.

The DJs usually don't do much - play noisy dance beat songs and you just dance. Where we perform live on those songs.

We do Hindi only or Hindi-Regional - Pick the superhits you like from over 2500 Live performances. We will give you our best.

4FANZ Videos Description
Rang Jamake Jayenge
Item Song: Ooo La La Ooo La La
Kya Mausam Aaya Hai
Bride in Waiting
90s Melody
Performing with Props
Why people fall in Love ?
Bollywood Classic-1
Bollywood Classic-2
Bollywood Classic-3
Bollywood Classic-4
Bollywood Classic-5
80s Superhit
90s superhit
Professional Presentation
Custom Lyrics for Your Events