4FANZ-DBP AudieNce1st Vision

Today, there are several singing virtual platforms like Smule where Bollywood Fans can join and sing. But, mentoring in music is only available to the Big Platforms like Indian Idol etc. So, can the good singers of each city be mentored and trained to become Level5 singers (Concert Level), so they can perform in public and private concerts of that City ?

Because of lack of good concert level singers in every city, the entertainment domain is still dominated by Noise making DJs. The moment private concerts by quality singers start dominating in Weddings, Mehandi, Birthday, Graduation and Mehandi type events, the DJs will fade away. And we need good singers in every city.

4FANZ™ is a Global Listing brand which will list local businesses of every city for an annual subscription. Most of these businesses depend on loyal customers and fans as their brand messengers. Today the restaurents are such event hosts and tomorrow as 4FANZ starts accepting annual subscriptions in 36 categories, a huge number of local businesses can offer their event hosting space. 4FANZ™ CEO is connected with CEO and senior level executives of TIPS music, Sony India and Eros Entertainment. At right time business proposals will be made to lauch own 4FANZ.TV channel where level5 performers can upload their live performances.

4FANZ™ got a website to manage singing and performing groups in every city with a paid plan. This will help those serious singers, who can't find a big brand live singing platform supported by local businesses. All local businesses will be listed in their respective cities and they need their Fan base. So, they have to spend in sponsorship of big concerts using local talents. But before that happen, the good singers need to be performing each month using the proven 4FANZ-DBP model of Dallas,TX.

4FANZ™ is planning to announce an affordable premium for live singing around July/August of thus year. As soon as there are 10 singers in each city,a group will be announced. Each singer needs to submit their song to determine their current level 1...5. They will be mentored the local bests, gurus and DBP Core team by commenting on their performances.

Today Most Singers are dillusional - they can not self evaluate. No one is there to mentor them. They lack discipline and appear desperate to perform before audience even if not level4 (Professional) or level5 (Concert). By Joining a 4FANZ™ they can improvise their singing.

When some one pays, they expect level4 or level5 singing - who should know - how to act a little bit, how to use props, expressions, mood and theme of the song in addition to vocal comments. 4FANZ will not give opportunity to singers who lack discipline even though they got good voice and sing well.