4FANZ® AudieNce1st™ Performer Rating System

1. There are millions of singers. Some are awesome, some are very good;some sound terrible and hesitate to sing. Some think they are good but audience don't like their singing. It is almost impossible to self-judge without bias. Hence, we needed a rating agency and rating system. So, The 4FANZ® Performer Rating System is the very first one to bring awesome performing talents to public domain by a rating system. The rating system is called 4FANZ® AudieNce1st™ and this is the very first one to define the rating system.

2. This is an Open System where any one can rate own performance by checking certain boxes.

3. Level-4 Singers/Performers are recommended for Personal or community events to entertaining guests or fans in big banquet halls or 5-star hotels.

4. Level-5 Singers/Performers are recommended for Concerts in Performing Art Theaters, Movies, Web Series and Albums

5. 4FANZ® AudieNce1st™ rating standard is a combination of good singing/performing and discipline. This standard is implemented in all 4FANZ® websites. e.g. A very good singer/performerm who is still singing in Smule and Starmaker would not be considered for a level-4 or level5 performance.

6. A Professional Singer or Concert Level Singer is expected to have own Home Studio and Recoding System to record with appropriate mixer settings to project vocals or dialogs as needed in the song. Instead of recording professionally, most good singers record using Smule or Starmaker. The 4FANZ® AudieNce1st™ Live Singing PLatform strongly discourages usage of Virtual Singing Platforms who enhance vocals using Software Methods.

7. There are good accomplished playback singers in Smule Platform to create their Fan base. We acknowledge that. But their names also won't be part of our listing because of violation of the 4FANZ® AudieNce1st™ priniples.

8. This is an Open Rating Standard and eventually will be displayed at AudieNce1st website by end of 2022 or Mid 2023. So, all singers/dancers/performers got up to 1 year to correct course and apply to be listed in the AudieNce1st.com website by answering a simple form and sharing their public performances.

9. If you are planning to join the Level5School, you will be asked the questions here for your records. Based on your self-apprisal, the local group leaders or mentors will determine your current singing level.

10. Without a performance rating system, the artists are blind about their relative position among peers.

11. Usually friends hesitate to tell artists about their true performance. So, most do self-apprisal without benchmark..

12. Level5School provides an opportunity to artists to self-evaluate in Benchmark Sessions and improve levels

Level Vocal Rhythm Beats Emotions Mood Theme Pitch Energy Acting Discipline Sharing
1 OK No No No No No No No No No Smule
2 OK Simple Some No No No Simple No No No Smule/Live
3 Good Most Most Some Some Some Simple Some No Most Live
4 Very Good All All Most Most Most All Some Some All Live
5 Awesome All All All All All All All All All Live
Just Vocals OK - The Beginners - Level-1 Singers/Performers

Welcome to Level-1 Singing. Whether you have just decided to start singing or you have been singing in virtual platforms like Smule using your headphone - you are level 1 with 4FANZ® platform. Because 4FANZ® AudieNce1st™ is your NEXT LEVEL Singing Platform and you need to learn holding a real microphone in hand. It would be very bad optics for you to perform before a live audience by holding a headphone and use a virtual platform where your vocal is supressed with reverb.

The Vocal Improvement Track
  • Buy a Bluetooth Mic with a Speaker or Join a Local Music Group to sing with Real Microphone.
  • Attend local musical meetups and meet with good singers.
  • practice from good karaokes available in youtube or buy your own.
  • If you have joined Level5School, your mentor will give you the best Karaoke to perform.
The Discipline Track
  • Watch the live performances of performers in Youtube
  • Watch Live performances of 4FANZ-DBP Performers and try analyzing the good and bad in those.
  • Ask the local good singers to give some tips about good singing.
  • Make a determination that you won't be sharing out of rhythm songs with your friends.
  • Hold your urge to grab mic to sing an unprepared or impromptu song.
  • Start building the AudieNce1st™ mindset. Be AudienNce First then Singer.
  • Record your own song in Iphone or Android Phone and see if you like your own song.
Vocals OK, Rhythms-Simple Songs, Beats-Some Songs, Pitch-Simple Songs - The Level-2 Singers/Performers

Welcome to Level-2. Here you have got two parallel tracks There are two tracks for improve your singing - If you want to move to Level-3 please follow this.

The Vocal Improvement Track
  • Understand Basics of 7-Sur and Learn Practicing in a Riyaz App or with an Instrument
  • Analyze High and Low Notes and Vocal effects used in a song
  • Sing Along With Original Karaokes by keeping Lyrics in hand or phone
  • Discover your Singing High and Low Range
  • Focus on singing Simple songs with Rhythm. Avoid High Beat Fast Songs.
  • Be a part of local live singing group and find a good mentor.
  • Understand importance of beats and try not to miss beats.
  • Watch the strength of peer performers and get curious - Why they sound better ?
  • Keep an Open mind to accept feedbacks in own music group private or public
  • Announce in public that you would welcome honest feedback over fake praise.
  • Improve Diction and Accent - if the Original song is not your mother tongue
The Discipline Track
  • Avoid Smule and Virtual Platform Singing as much as Possible
  • If you are singing a duet, always focus on finding the right duet partner voice to make your song super hit.
  • If you are exchanging a duet, understand the level of duet partner and request a duet that both of you can do justice.
  • Keep an AudieNce1st mindset and avoid singing songs that you can not sing well at your current level.
  • When theme is announced look for good songs that people don't pick often. Don't rush.
  • Before finalizing the song for an event, Analyze the song if you can do justice to the song.
  • Avoid singing difficult songs that you can not reproduce with rhythm and difficult vocal effects.
  • Looks for simpler super hit songs that falls under your vocal range and capabilities.
  • Some of your difficult favorites can wait until you achieve a higher level.
  • Never share flawed songs. If duet, share only if both singers did reasonably well.
Vocals Good, Rhythms-Beats-Perfect in Most Songs, Emotions, Mood in Some - The Level-3 Singers/Performers

Welcome to Level-3. You are almost ready as a professional singer but still you need to improve in singing and discipline. Please follow this.

The Vocal Improvement Track
  • Always Practice and Perform using a Good Mic and Mixer. Say Good Bye to Smule.
  • Now you have to go beyond Reading Lyrics blindly and pay attention to timing and music.
  • Watch the Video of previous line and observe the dots between letters and words must be delivered between beats.
  • The timer and number of dots should be on your mind and ending of line should be just as needed.
  • If you are part of Level5 School, you will these dotted lyrics with such video from your mentor.
  • No unwanted extention of end of line as that would result in incorrect number of dots and bad timing and music
  • Fade the end of line as it is in Original. Do not over extend.
  • Analyze the Mood of the song and keep the mood so that the actors can perform on your song.
  • Your Vocal quality should be good and you would feel words coming out of mouth easily.
  • You should be able to follow the pitch in simpler songs along with emotions.
  • Attempt some fast songs and try to derive energy from fast music. See how that works.
  • You should be following most of the points listed under discipline section below.
The Discipline Track
  • Stop Singing in Smule Completely. Use your Professional Setup or Blue tooth mic.
  • Stop being greedy to sing many songs with lesser accuracy. Prefer less songs with more accuracy.
  • Start learning to memorize mukhadas and ending of songs so you don't look at Laptop or Tablet.
  • If a duet is requested that you feel can not make justice because of lack of time, politely decline.
  • If a duet is requested that is out of your vocal range, recommend a singer who can do justice to the song.
  • For cover songs, start experimenting with songs to determine which playback singer's voice suits you better.
  • When you hold your mic in a show - ask yourself - Am I well prepared and if the set up is well ?
  • Avoid Singing in platforms which are not professonally managed, got poor sound setup and no designated mixer operator.
Vocals Very Good, Rhythms-Simple Songs, Beats-Some Songs, Pitch-Simple Songs - The Level-4 Singers/Performers

Welcome to Level-4. If you complete this track, you would achieve professional singing capability. Discipline is important because with these capabilities, you need to be careful what you share in public and how many share. How you reach out to potential customers via social media by sharing reasonably good songs.

The Vocal Improvement Track
  • Pay attention to Alaaps, High notes and Low notes in Songs
  • Whispering or Huski Voices by Original Singers should be sung as is or drop the song.
  • Words and filler "he he he' etc should be delevered frictionless manner.
  • Waving of words 'aa aaa aa aaa' etc. should be delevered as in Original Songs.
  • If you can not sing a difficult Alaap - make sure that is part of Music Track or drop the song.
  • Always Sing from Professional Karaoke Tracks.
  • Explore Opportunities to sing with Live Music.
  • Start using Props and do little bit of acting in style whereever possble.
  • Pitch, Rhythm and Beats - Perfect. Mood, Emotions and Theme - Reasonably Good
  • Join monthly meet ups and keep practicing a lot.
  • Memorize Lyrics from Most Songs and look at AudieNce while Singing and Performing.
  • If you complete this track fill out a form to be considered as Level-4 aka Professional Singer Title.
The Discipline Track
  • Never share Smule Performances or Casually recorded performances.
  • Try to share a professionally recorded concert performance.
  • Avoid sharing too much music on your personal timeline.
  • Always Sign a Contract when you get a professional opportunity.
  • If you are part of 4FANZ® Bollywood Performer's Group, contract is signed by company.
  • Sing songs from your strength zone in public performances.
  • Always partnet with a duet singer who can do justice to your favorite song.
  • Always encourage singers. Mentor them when feedback is solicited.
  • Expand your contact network and social media presence.
  • Remember, however good singer you may be, there is always a better singer somewhere else.
Vocals, Rhythms, Beats, Emotions, Mood, Theme, Pitch, Energy, Acting and Discipline - The Level-5 Singers/Performers

Welcome to Level-5. The Ultimate Level of Singing.

The Vocal Improvement Track
  • Select songs that sound close to Originals.
  • Work with good entertainment service providers and build relationship.
  • Stay in close circle of promotors
  • If duets sing with the right duet partner.
  • Attend 4FANZ™ benchmark to observe, how the same song sounds different with different voices.
  • Make decisions based on being yourself AudieNce1st™. Avoid Relationship based exchanges.
  • For duets, both sides to be perfect. Always do joint practice before performance.
  • If you are singing in live music, do Jam session with Musicians - at least two sessions.
  • Pitch, Rhythm and Beats,Mood, Emotions and Theme - All absolutely Perfect.
  • Memorize Lyrics of all songs and look at AudieNce while Singing or Performing.
  • Practice with Props and Dance steps to make the performance lively
  • Record a few Private Album Songs at this Level Only because this is the Playback level
  • If you want to learn more, do the singing yourself using Metronome Apps. Ask 4FANZ® for Lyrics.
  • If you complete this track fill out a form to be considered as Level-5 aka Concert Singer Title.
  • The quality of your live performances will be considered for the Vocal Track
  • Your Social media sharing and behaviour will be considered for discipline track.
The Discipline Track
  • Keep your own youtube channel.
  • If you are part of Level5 School, record 4FANZ® licensed Hindi Originals for 4FANZ.TV
  • Ask 4FANZ™ Studio for the Catalog of Original Songs
  • Song mother's day and father's dedication song for your parents.
  • At this level, you are a celebrity. So, avoid casual singing in any platform.
  • Always look for reputed platforms and right audience to perform.
  • Do not target success and follow short cuts. Keep singing in groups and stay connected with fans using 4FANZ® platforms
  • Ensure that your 4FANZ™ Bollywood Performers profile got all your best performances.
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